Understand your New Zodiac

Understand your New Zodiac


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What is the New Age?

There are quite many definitions exist to explain the obvious changes around us. Some say it is a shift in energies, others say it is a shift in our way of thinking and so on…Yes these are all true, however a bit clumsy and keep the truth hidden. When you search for answers to your questions you need to look up to the sky and find them there. Earth by itself is unable to reply. This is the biggest revelation of our age. This age is not holistic but wholistic.

Let us spend some time with the explanation of this often mentioned constellation change.

Earth spins anti-clockwise around its axis that is tilted by 23.50 degrees. The tilt derives from the pulling power of its moon to make the axis perpendicular to the equator of the Moon. A whole spin takes one Earth day. Also anticlockwise, Earth travels around the Sun. It orbits the “master” on an ellipsis. On this ecliptic – equally 30° from each other, although not at the same height – are the 12 star formations of the zodiac that we use with great fondness to tell us a kind word about the future when life gets a bit rough around. During its orbit Earth pays a visit to each star formation and spends equal time in the court of all. This time comes to more or less a month. The whole circle takes a bit less than a year. Over 2160 years these bits add up to 30° degrees on the ecliptic, meaning that in every 2.160 years Earth slips back one constellation on the orbit therefore the Sun rises in the court of a different constellation when the Spring Equinox appears. Naturally the connection between our planet and the Sun is changing accordingly. The key date is the Spring Equinox. The constellation where the Sun rises – on the March full moon at the time of the Spring Equinox, would bear a significant effect on the lives of Earthlings therefore we call it the ruling constellation. Since in our calendar we do not follow the movement of the Sun and Moon strictly it is set on the 21st of the month. I think time has come when we really need to reconsider our beliefs concerning the beloved horoscope system. Why do we try to believe that we enter into the sign of Aries when the Age of Aquarius should have been in action since the 23rd of February 2003? And why do we think that the Universe stands still and nothing changes?

It is really time to count our losses and embrace the 22 star formations zodiac.

Understand your New Zodiac

Our solar system, by its ancient name Haudi, has 10 planets that affect organic energies on Earth. These planets are filters for different influences from the Universe and they alternate according to their connection to our planet.

The ruling planets are easy to follow. However the influence of the 22 star formations zodiac is quite irregular. Below you find the time of the year with the ruling planet and influences according dates of the common era calendar.

As you are an organic energy you may find your own major star formation influence when you look up the day and month of your date of birth.

24th of August – 23rd of September

Ruling planet: Autumn Mercury

24th of August – 10th of September Ursa Major

11th – 21st of September Crater

22nd – 23rd of September Argo Navis

24th of September – 23rd of October

Ruling planet: Autumn Venus

24th – 28th of September Argo Navis

29th of September – 11th of October Corvus

12th – 23rd of October Boötes

24th of October – 23rd of November

Ruling planet: Pluto

24th – 26th of October Boötes

27th of October – 10th of November Corona Borealis

11th – 19th of November Serpens

20th – 23rd of November Centaurus

24th of November – 21st of December

Ruling planet: Jupiter

24th of November – 5th of December Centaurus

6th – 16th of December Ophiucus

17th – 21st of December Draco

22nd of December – 22nd of January

Ruling planet: Saturn

22nd – 23rd of December Draco

24th – 28th of December Serpens

29th of December – 13th of January Lyra

14th – 22nd of January Aquila

23rd of January – 19th of February

Ruling planet: Uranus

23rd – 28th of January Aquila

29th of January – 8th of February Delphinus

9th – 19th of February Cygnus

20th of February – 20th of March

Ruling planet: Neptune

20th – 29th of February Cygnus

1st – 12th of March Eridanus

13th – 20th of March Pegasus

21st of March – 18th of April

Ruling planet: Mars

21st of March – 1st of April Pegasus

2nd – 9th of April Andromeda

10th – 18th of April Eridanus

19th of April – 20th of May

Ruling planet: Spring Venus

19th of April – 8th of May Andromeda

9th of May – 15th of May Eridanus

16th of May – 20th of May Perseus

21st of May – 21st of June

Ruling planet: Spring Mercury

21st of May – 31st of May Perseus

1st – 7th of June & 17th – 21st of June Orion

8th – 16th of June Auriga

22nd of June – 22nd of July

Ruling planet: Moon

22nd of June – 27th of June Orion

28th of June – 7th of July & 18th – 22nd of July Canis Major & Canis Minor

8th of July – 17th of July Argo Navis

23rd of July – 23rd of August

Ruling planet: Sun

23rd – 25th of July Canis Major & Canis Minor

26th of July – 7th of August Draco

8th – 15th of August Ursa Major

16th – 23rd of August Hydra

Understand your New Zodiac

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Understand your New Zodiac

gives you the insight of the planetary changes.

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