Spiral of Life through the tarot deck

The tarot deck is the most popular fortunetelling tool on the Northern Hemisphere.

I use and teach various fortunetelling and reading techniques. I usually invent a new way every time I am not satisfied with my students’ intuition. And that is quite often. I would explain few reading methods here.

Ribbon reading


Select 12 or 9 different coloured ribbons and cut them to a foot in length. A foot is 30.48 cm. As you will see, numbers are very important in my work, therefore I always follow the numbers related to Earth and connected to the Universe. I also use measurements of the same quality.

Take your fortunetelling table cover and spread the ribbons out as shown above:

You read the answers from the ribbon selected by the enquirer.

Paper reading


Take a peace of A4 size white paper. Ask your customer to crease it and then you read the forms and signs.

Coffee grout

I think you are familiar with this type of reading. It is done with Arabic, Turkish and Greek coffee when you drink it and leave the fine residue in the bottom of the cup. This technique is related the Middle East.



They are shells of various sea creatures. I learnt to read buzios in Brazil from the Orixa shaman people. It is great fun!

Energy reading

You look at the enquirer as an energy mass and past, present and future open up for you. One needs a lot of information and sharp intuition to do this form of reading.

Gypsy cards

gypsycards (2)

There are various packs to use. Out of the several I have, I favour the Hungarian Gypsy pack. It has 36 cards, just the right amount, and the pictures are simple and understandable. These cards are well used for earthly and everyday matters.

Tarot deck


We arrived to my very favourite fortunetelling technique, the traditional tarot deck.

I do understand that there are many newly created tarot packs are available nowadays, however the 78 cards traditional tarot deck is the only that carries The Knowledge, the essence of the Macro and Microcosm, The Genesis of Humanity. I know these words sound pretty majestic, and one might not see their connection to the tarot, however I do everything I can, to unveil the mystery behind the 78 cards.

First we need to address those majestic words.

  • The Knowledge

It is the understanding of interrelations in every aspect and every form of life in the Universe.

  • The Macrocosm and the Microcosm

We earthlings have our own “cosms“. The microcosm is the place that one understands. The understanding might not be conscious, however it is the place one feels comfortable and confident in. For some people the microcosm ends at the front door of the house, and for others it stretches over galaxies. The rest of the endless Universe is the macrocosm. In one word we can say that macrocosm is everybody’s strange and unknown place.

  • The Genesis of Humanity

It is the time, the how, the from where and the where to of the beginning.

Let us get back to the tarot cards now.

Through the deck you can learn to understand yourself. It is a mirror of your thoughts, deeds and words; the above mentioned micro and macrocosm; it is a mirror for the Universe.

For me a traditional tarot deck – that is of 78 cards – is an organic energy; more specifically, an earthling. It senses organic energies and changes accordingly.


The tarot deck is made up of 3 parts, similarly to a human being. They are the lower body, the neck and the head; the Minor Arcana, Court cards and the Major Arcana respectively.

The 3 represents the Trinity of the 2 poles and the perfect blend. It also represents the 3 elements we are to master here on Earth. These are the Earth, the Water and the Air. Earth is the male, as he is more attached to the ground; Water is the female, for she is more emotional, and the child is the Air because through its innocence and openness it is the nearest to the Creator force. The child is the upright peak of the microcosmic equilateral triangle.

The structure of a tarot deck

The first part of the tarot deck, the Minor Arcana, mirrors everyday earth connected living. These are the 4 element cards of 4 x 10. Apart from the 3 elements mentioned we are fortunate enough to receive fire from the macrocosm, to widen our horizon, to push us towards experiences and to lend us power, strength and courage. In other words Earth element – the physical identity – is represented by the discs; Water elements – the emotional identity – is by the cups; Air element – the spiritual identity – is by the swords and Fire element – the mystical identity – is by the wands.

Thinking about it a bit deeper, this group is 3 + 1 for Fire comes from above; reassuring us that we are not alone, for the Creator force is blending into our Trinity or perfect triangle depicting our life. It also serves as the symbol of Uranus to further the knowledge of Neptune and conveniently make up the sides of the pyramid. The 4 also stands for the four phases of the Moon cycle.

The 10 naturally represents the ten perfect numbers with their effective nature and the ten planets of the solar system. The 10 =3 x 3 + 1.

Here the 1 is the ace, depicting the equal possibilities we all have. Not in the everyday sense though. We have equal opportunities to lose the karma, fulfil the contracts, experience, feel and grow.


Within the 10 there are 3 groups of 3, again depicting the 3 elements. The number 1 is the ace with the power and opportunities. The numbers between 2 and 4 are Earth energies, the numbers between 5 – 7 are Water, and 8 – 10 are Air within each element. The higher the number, the more experience it shows. Experience is not equal to physical wealth or wisdom. Sometimes we need to run few circles before realizing the moral of the story. However it presents the possibility of growing. Each group of 3 cards shows a circle in a spiral as it reaches for the macrocosmic energy.

The 3 piles also represent the 3 lower energy centres. Pile 1 would speak for Earth and corresponds with the Base chakra, pile 2 would be Water and corresponds with the Sex chakra, and pile 3 would be Air and corresponds with the Solar Plexus.

It is the most complicated group of the deck. Mirrors the everyday existence, dealing with the elements and their effects on the physical body. The mirroring result of this group would show on the lower part of the body, from shoulders downwards.

The next group is the 4 x 4 Court cards. They depict your different relationships and emotional existence within them. Again, we see the number 4 that is the four elements, the four directions, the Moon’s four cycle, the four basic Universal Rules of Truth, Order, Law and Fulfilment. It is the four sides of the pyramid and the perfect square that is the symbol of Pisces and Neptune. Emotions are higher than basic earthy fulfilments. Taking parts in relationships shows a growing procedure, when one is not completely tied to Earth, but has the courage to get into unprecedented situations. In this pile each card depicts a circle on the spiral, as they represent the journey through the 4 elements within each. On the physical body the result of the emotional happenings show on the neck, that is the throat, the mouth and the teeth. Very often spreads into the digestive system for digestion starts in the mouth. The 4 circle represents the 4 upper energy centres. These are the Heart chakra, the Throat chakra, the Forehead chakra and the Crown chakra.

Now we arrived to the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. They represent Fate and Universal involvement. The number 22 stands for the twenty-two star formations of the forgotten zodiac, carrying the essence of their astronomical quality; the twenty-two consonants, the number 4 with all its qualities, the 3 + 1 for these cards are really 21 + 1 with the Fool taking 0.

The Major Arcana carries the essence of all the other cards in the pack.

The Fool is the Creator force with its endless possibilities, choices, experiences and wisdom. It is everything. It is the whole Universe, the Great Cycle by itself.

Looking at the rest of the cards, they make up 7 piles; 7 circles of the spiral. They deal with all the 7 energy centres, the 3 + 4. Apart from its basic quality, number 7 depicts the 2 equilateral triangles slipped into each other and creating a Great Oneness. Also the cycles of the Moon.

Each card in the Major Arcana stands for an experience one needs to go through to arrive to the true fulfilment of the path; however they all carry the essence of the Universe within. They are the pulling power, the cautions and path finders. They are the human life that starts with the Magician and ends with the Universe. The 7 circles together make up a greater circle of the spiral. The cycle when you are not afraid to attention to the Universe, the macrocosm. When you are not afraid to experience the unknown. The fulfilment of living.

Love and peace


© Zsa Zsa Tudos, 1999