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On Akia philosophy we provide the most accurate reading concerning your past, present and future.

Psychic reading training

All our readers are trained by Zsa Zsa Tudos, the founder and developer of Akia philosophy. This unique approach allows the readers to use clairvoyance, mediumship, tarot cards, crystal ball, Gypsy cards, rune cards, ribbons and buzios; whichever proves to be the best tool for spiritual connection. Our readers are also excellent healers and initiated Witches that allow them to sense even the slightest interference with the energy field of the enquirer. However the most important additional information the readers provide is guidance in conquering obstacles and hindering situations to clear the road towards fulfillment.

Psychic reading for the matters of the heart

Love amd caring
Parrots in Xelha, Mexico – Photo: Zsa Zsa Tudos Psychic reading

In the matters of the heart we look at the compatibility first. Today only those who need to, meet and get into any kind of relationship. Some of them could develop into a love affair; some would go as far as steady or permanent. Although Human beings have many choices and a great amount of free will nowadays, successful relationships depend on the understanding of life and couplehood. We talk about Soulmates and Twinflames or as some of us call them Duals.

Psychic reading for Family relations


Every relationship needs a lot of work. It is not enough to tie the knot but mutual support and respect are needed to keep it working. As the partnership develops it starts creating problems of its own. These are usually misunderstandings. However, to see the actual cause for disagreements is very difficult when you are in the situation. We help you see clearly and give you guidance on how to remedy the lost confidence.As everything is interrelated, the matters of the heart go hand in hand with professional life and financial stability. We offer you help on this aspect of life also.

Psychic reading for carrier, work and financial matters
Carreer opportunities
Obelisk in Luxor Temple, Egypt – Photo: Zsa Zsa Tudos Psychic reading

Either we like it or not the financial status is part of existence. Some dream about great achievements and some like to do it for the obvious reason to support life.

Whatever is the reason behind working the time we spend with it and the effort we put towards material fulfillment have to be channelled , looked after and fully understood in order to make the most of the opportunities around.

Money is an energy that flows. There are hindering and furthering aspects that we need to tackle. There are the abilities, dreams, ambitions; they are affected by the energy flow of the universe. To understand when, what and how one needs an expert energy readers like us.

Should you have questions about the Soul, past lives or Magick of any kind, we are here to find answers for you.

We take great pride in our work. Your trust is an inspiration for us.

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Love and peace
Psychic reading is for everything related to existence


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