Psychic reading

Psychic reading


At least once a year every earthling needs a psychic reading to understand the Present situation and plan the Future accordingly. Otherwise the fundation is not prepared to hold the years to come. Apart from that you might want to see certain situations clearly to put your mind at ease.
Our readers are higly trained bt Zsa Zsa Tudos, international medium/psychic and teacher of the trade.

Please note: We would do your reading in English, Italian, German and Hungarian.  Add your preferred language to your question. Otherwise defult English is used. 

Psychic reading is performed with the help of our Spirit Medium colleagues from the Universe.

After you paid for your session, a page will open up with a form to fill in. It is essential that you send it, for it contains the proof of your payment and the question you are seeking to be answered. After sending it, please visit the link below to book a suitable time for your reading. 

It will happen online, usually in our conference room.

To book a suitable appointment visit here.

90.00 Euro/hour

Live in the present!

© Zsa Zsa Tudos

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