Psychic reading training

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Overall view

The aim


Being a psychic is not a phenomena, for everybody is one. The difference and the challenge is in the degree. This grade is the perfect mirror of the individual’s understanding of life. It includes the view about the Universe, belief systems, religious background and other manmade rules and regulations according to which one relates to everyday existence. As an educator of psychic abilities, fortune telling techniques, mediumship and channelling, I know from experience that all information channelled in by a psychic goes through the individual filter of the being and would not let in anything beyond his/her global understanding.


If you are not educating yourself constantly on the subject and you think you know it all because you have the GIFT you have only arrived to the boundaries of your horizon. There, you have 2 choices: 1. Stay there and do your best to be content with the limits of your understanding or 2. Make a profession out of it by reshuffling the information you have and become conscious of your work that you further with constant learning. Even if you do not want to become a reader, as a human being you bound to opt for the second choice.


Psychic reading training


At AKIA Light we not only screen readers but each of them has to take the 13 segments online course.It will take the prospective reader through stages of psychic development and learning the essence of being an earthling. It includes the knowledge about the planetary movements, the New Age astrology, Numerology in its ancient and clearer form, developing senses and intuitions and foremost of all to learn the power and wisdom behind the traditional tarot deck. In the course you will learn through the Crowley deck, as it holds the deepest understanding of the Universe and earthlings within.

I would like to note it here that I also run live workshops in almost any country If required.


Psychic reading training


The course will run as a membership for 13 months. 


The schedule:
1.      Introduction to psychic abilities and senses
A psychic is able to sense events and energies beyond the general understanding of human abilities. It involves seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. During this session I will start you up on the road to sharpen senses.
2.       Life tasks of human beings
Since we have very little predestined decisions made or events to live though, therefore it is essential to see the package we carry and how it affects life. We learn how to sense and recognize this package.
3.       Origin of the Soul and its journey; the soul number
As I mentioned before, AKIA psychics are special. They know more and understand more than others generally and they raise psychic reading to a profession. This aim required constant learning. Proper learning needs a strong root one can rely upon.
4.       Spiritual relationships within the family
Everything in earthlings’ lives is about relationships. It is important to understand the soul level of them and give proper guidance to the questionnaire.
5.       Energy and its attributes
In the Universe everything and everybody is energy in the physical sense. Good understand of it is a must for an AKIA reader.
6.       Crowley deck and numerology
I have the pleasure of knowing many prominent tarot and other reading cards. However the Crowley deck is definitely the most knowledgeable and perfect. It also contains all the important rules and regulations of ancient numerology.
7.       Crowley deck reading
This session is all about the symbolic system of the deck.
8.       Spirit guides, helpers and laws of the Universe
As prominent psychics we learn to work with aids as our personal spirit guides and spirit medium colleagues. We also need to understand the laws of the Universe for they are different from the man-made regulations according to which we tempt to live our lives.
9.       Soulmates and Twinflames
Today it seems to be important to determine whether the chosen person falls into any those categories, for earthlings naturally switch to spiritual connection from the once very popular zodiacal attributions.
10.      Chakras and aura sensing
In this session we learn about the energy system of a human being and how to read that system.
11.       New Age astrology
As AKIA readers we need to embrace the changes around us: above and below.
12.       Mediumship and channelling
The structure of communication between the Micro and the Macrocosm.
13.      The skeleton of a good reading
This module will happen live in our conference room where we can interact. It will be in small groups.


Psychic reading training


On completion candidates will take an exam and be graded according to their accomplishment. Certificate of attendance will be issued to everyone regardless and grades added to those with greater merit. We will also invite successful students to work with us.
AKIA Light is an international multi-language service where readers may use other than English for readings.
Unfortunately I can only deliver the course in English.

Discussions and questions will be directed to our Facebook page that will be accessible only for students.
I also like to add that whatever is your accomplishment on the psychic field you need to do the whole course to achieve uniformed base for our readers.


The 13 months membership costs: $54/month

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I hope to see you on the training.

Love and peace

Zsa Zsa Tudos

Your trainer

Psychic reading training is part of The School of Mysteries Online Academy

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