Natural New Year

Natural New Year on 04.11.2017

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As every other important day in the year, Halloween occupies a permanent place in the calendar. It is on the 31st of October together with the All Saints’ day on the 1st of November.

However we need to bear in mind that the Gregorian calendar we are using does not follow the cycles of nature at all. Let us go over the dates of our festivals. Christmas is far the most important festival in our lives. Although it grew into a massive commercial activity, regardless of your religion you would at least know about it. However, not many know that the birthday of Jesus the prophet is on the 24th of December because this date is very near to the Winter Solstice of the 21st of December as it is established in the calendar. If you look back on pre-religious Pagan or Shamanic movements and mythologies, every prophet was born on the Winter Solstice. Later religions followed suit. The next most important festival is Easter. This is the only holiday that actually changes its dates according to the movement of nature. As the Spring Equinox is tied to the 21st of March, Easter would always be one week after the 1st Full Moon following this date. Apart from the two mentioned the Summer Solstice is becoming very popular. It is assigned to the 21st of June in the calendar we uniformly use. The fourth event deserves mentioning is the Autumn Equinox, assigned to the date of 21st of September. These four cosmic events make up the four main spokes of the Wheel that turns the year around. They also correspond with the 4 basic elements, i.e. Earth, Water, Air and Fire; the 4 makes up the sum of 3 + 1 and I could go on and on because in the Universe everything is interrelated therefore follow the same pattern. The solstices and equinoxes mark the interrelation of the Sun and the Moon, the 2 vital influences we receive. The solstices mark the changing of the shifts and the equinoxes mark the perfect equilibrium between those two. Following this thought none of the mentioned events is on a set date, for they always have to be on a full moon.

There is another very important event for us. This event is usually on the second full moon after the Autumn Equinox, although sometimes it falls on the first, depending on the reigning energies. This year it is going to be on the 11th of November. It is Sahmain (Sauen), the Pagan New Year, Halloween and All Saints’ Day. These five events make up the five senses, the five pointed star, the symbol of occult and mankind in the 5th Sun Age. Originally it depicts Venus, the ethereal hetaerae, who carries the knowledge between Earth and the Heavens. Nowadays every religion is using the five pointed star but not many would tell you its origin.

The Moon, travels on an orbit around the planet. As energies are changing and the interrelation between the two, the Moon gets nearer or further away from us. It is at Sahmain, when the Moon is the nearest to Earth. The time when channelling, mediumship and all kind of communication become easy, for the silvery ball opens star gateways and builds the bridge between the micro and the macrocosm. Spiritual guides get busy, intuition works better and psychic abilities sharpen. These star gateways are 2 ways streets. In one hand they allow us to send messages up to the Universe and on the other, give way to curious souls to visit.

Halloween is a Native American word that stands for Holy Persons. The first part of the expression “holy” is the word for a soul who reached holiness. I am not talking about priests and high ranking officers in the Roman Catholic Church, I am thinking of people who do not just understand but have reached the highest level of consciousness possible for Earthlings. Generally we refer to those who left the aura of Earth, as Holy for they lose the connection with the planet and it allows them to cleanse themselves from the slow energies they might have picked up during their lifetime. Even though it is misused, the two words holy and saint bear the same meaning although the approach differs. The holy is spiritual and the saint is religious.

A religion is a set of beliefs and practices often centred upon specific supernatural and moral claims about earthly issues, while spirituality is a path to reach and become one with the Creator Force. The first presents you with the person you can never become and the latter guides you towards it.

We need to talk about the Pagan New Year here. The definition of the word varies, for all saints are inclined towards the hand. The strictest is the Roman Catholic Church and many of the Christian sects follow suit. They say that being a pagan is heretical and they also include the followers of all the other religious beliefs. Again, there are people who would just frown and add: “well, you don’t believe in God then.” There is nothing further from the truth. Amongst many things, pagans live and work in harmony with nature. That is why they understand the importance of the cycles and power of the full moon.

Sahmain is the time for thanksgiving rituals. Mother Earth has done her best, the fruits are ripened and the harvest is over. It is time to rest for a while, cleanse the house and the body, fortify energies and decide upon the new tasks ahead. This initial focusing period would give you the strength to carry on with the future. It reminds me of Sunday as the first day of the week.

It is also time to thank our ancestors, those departed, for the caring and the knowledge they trusted upon us. We visit their earthly remnants in the cemetery, decorate the graves with flowers and tell funny stories about them. Take stock of the past, as we need to look back upon the year behind. Gain strength and knowledge from it to build our confidence and courage to invest in the future.

That is why All Saints day is right after Halloween. And the date? Isn’t it curious?

Have a Wonderful New Year!