How to make decisions?

Making decisions?


Making decisions?

I am not exaggerating when I say that decision-making is the cause for most of our headaches nowadays. Emotional distress, nerve-related illnesses and digestive problems can all be a result of poor or non-decision making. I don’t belittle the struggle and manoeuvre we put ourselves through in order to arrive at that very point, for having a choice is what we always want. Having a choice make us comfortable and confident. With choices we feel safe. Nothing can go wrong with choices. The more we have the better it is. We feel in control and adequate; proud of our achievement. Suddenly we are able to see where each choice leads us and what awaits us at the end of each road. These pictures display success stories and we are in the centre, and we are certain, that life is going to be all right and we will live happily ever after.

Unfortunately sooner or later the time arrives when decisions need to be made. The pictures will transform from achievers to losers.

Making decisions

is very hard for many. We human beings want to believe that we are leaders; we are in charge of our lives. We always moan about freedom. Many people, especially in the spiritual and esoteric field think that they are free. “I am a free spirit!” one would say. But what does it mean? What does it really mean to be a free spirit? Just by involving yourself in esoteric or spiritual teachings you do not become a free spirit. It wouldn’t even make you happy.

Because that’s what it is all about. It is about the freedom to be happy. The freedom to enjoy life. The freedom to see the choices and take them without fear.

Making decisions

is a trust in the Self and Life itself. You need to understand that total freedom is only in the mind. People do not get it. We used to talk about the iron curtain and physical restrictions of people, but it is all on the surface. And you know that important things are not visible to the naked eye.

Earlier it was established that fear is an illusion, because you do not actually know what you are afraid of. Here is my life motto:


Grant me the Serenity

To Accept the things I cannot change.


 to Change the things I can

And Wisdom always to see the Difference.

It establishes the fact that wisdom is the key to everything. This kind of wisdom comes from experience and the great understanding of the universe. When proper selection is made; time, energy and emotions are not wasted in vain. Control is not a necessity to happy living. Furthermore it does not exist.

Making decisions

brings in changes and feed the Machinery of Life.

In order to gain wisdom human beings need to be pushed to the edge at times to help create a purpose to fight for. With fighting people get stronger and gain experience. This way time is not wasted on decision making but focused on aims.

Making decisions

is an ability to live opposed to vegetating.

While pondering about the outcome of each choice you think you have, valuable time and energy are wasted and gradually you become less and less confident of the probabilities.

The most fashionable way to tackle this problem is to put choices in order and name them A, B and C. However we do not realize that by focusing on more than one possibility we scatter the attention and with it the success rate of the potential outcome. The more you want something the more help you receive from the macrocosm and your surroundings. Even friends and family stop pestering you with so called help and advice when they realize that your mind is firmly set.

Divided attention mirrors uncertainty. It is a mixed signal that invites opinions from everybody who has been notified of the intended choices. Although we usually look at this event as the violation of privacy one way or another nonetheless we tend to forget that we are not only responsible for our own actions but that of fellow Earthlings also.

When you are in limbo and hesitating about choices you slow your life down to a mere stand- still and with it everybody else’s around. The machinery of life needs motions and emotions to feed on; otherwise it slowly fades into the background. It is the reason why people come to your aid in making your mind up. Or they want to escape the responsibility of their own decision making process and to keep the motion they push you for results.

Making decision

is a must.

Do not be afraid of making a bad decision. There is nothing worse than no decision.

In the interrelation of energies we learn to change the fear, the suffering and the sadness into power and to direct this power towards a valuable aim.

I wish you well.

Love and peace

 Be courageous, experience and make decisions!

Making decisions

© Zsa Zsa Tudos