Light charming

Light charming

AKIA invocation for the Full Moon

On the 28th of December 2012 the whole galaxy, Earth and Earthlings with it, leaped into a higher dimension. With this event the 5th Sun Age ended and the Golden Era has started.

Now the planet and humanity need our help! We need to raise the vibration of Earth and Earthlings!

It is time to show that you care!

Join us for the five days mantra chanting – light charming event around the Full Moon!

You only need to say the AKIA invocation 13 times/day, starting 2 days before the full moon, on the day of the full moon and 2 days after it.

The words of the invocation are carefully selected and encoded to produce the highest frequency energy that spreads Tolerance, Love and Light. In addition it raises your awareness and resonance. With adequate frequency the communication channel opens where we receive healing from the Universe and able to send our wishes to the Source.

The invocation is non-religious to fit the belief system of all Earthlings.

Light charming



Great Creator,

who created the Universe, with me in it,

to look after and further your magnificent work,

that I accepted in good faith, but could not always deliver,

because through my self-centredness

I chose not to see only look,

not to listen only hear, not to feel only think.

Without understanding nature’s harmonious cycle,

I stepped out of it, not suspecting,

that I would not be protected and

I would become an instrument of outside forces.

Please, give me the strength

to forgive myself for every bad deed I committed

against anybody and anythingincluding myself –

wisdom to others, to forgive me.

Show me the way back to nature’s cycle

where I can live in peace and dignity,

without indulging in suffering,

in a place,

where love is unconditional.


© Zsa Zsa Tudos AKIA 1999

Light charming


At the moment the HOPE invocation is only available in English and Hungarian. We would appreciate if you could help us with translation to many more languages.

Please send your translation to: for evaluation and encoding process.

Questions regarding Light charming should be addressed to the same e-mail address.

Light charming

is part of conscious earthly existence. To promote

Light charming

we set up an online event during the day of the full moon, when cleansing and healing will be sent to the partakers and the planet from our centre. It is a 2 hours program while we always teach something about self-healing and also do a meditation. To sign up for this event you need to send us a request from a valid e-mail address we can send your invitation link to.

The next online global event will be held on the 4th of November, the Natural New Year at 2 p.m. EST time.

Use: for the sign-up. Please put light charming into the subject line.


Light charming

is a multi – language group. However online events are conducted in English at the moment.

logolightLight charming for evebody!


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