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Psychic reading booking is usually only available for full members of

However, honouring the Natural New Year and soon after, the Common Era New Year, we opened our reading services to the public!  



 In the Golden Era, following the Galactic Quantum Leap, free choices and related decision making force Earthlings to take occasional account of their lives. It is a sort of stock-taking when one arrives to understand the past, its effects on the present and use the experience to build the future.

On AKIA Light we provide 3 types of readings:

Psychic reading booking

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Psychic reading
Psychic reading

Circles around one particular event. It is an in-depth reading touching upon all other closely related situations, the cause of the problem and the easiest way to remedy it.

It also gives an overview of the future with the situation solved and if it is not possible to alter, then without it.

It would highlight all lessons learnt or should have been understood from the happenings.

At least 2,000 characters and takes 48 hours to be delivered

Cost: $25


Psychic reading booking

for complete Life

Psychic reading
Psychic reading

focuses on Fate. Next to the ever growing Free Will, Fate is the prominent and more permanent aspect of existence. It includes The Code that you have brought with you from the physical family, the astrological and astronomical influence of the Universe, the task you need to fulfill, hindering and forwarding events related to Fate, though forms and behaviour patterns and genetic inheritance.

At least 4,000 characters and takes 96 hours to be delivered.

Cost: $45


Psychic reading booking

for the soul

Psychic reading
Psychic reading

is about you as a soul. There might be Earthly past lives to consider, existence in other part of the Universe, Soul Number, Soul Family, capabilities you carry, knowledge in your subconscious, karma if applicable, relations to souls around you and the choice of the Earthling family.

At least 3.000 characters and takes 72 hours to be delivered.

Cost: $55


Psychic reading is performed with the help of our Spirit Medium colleagues from the Universe.




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