AKIA philosophy

AKIA philosophy®

AKIA philosophy®

Atiru Keta Intaara Amango
(Earth consciousness in Atlantis)

AKIA carries the total understanding of the interrelation between the micro – and macrocosm, looks upon everything as an essential part of the whole and upon the whole as an essential part of everything for all organic and inorganic energies enjoys the same level of importance. This belief makes up the strong foundation of

AKIA philosophy®

AKIA is the philosophy of the unseen soul and the cosmic knowledge.

AKIA looks at you as the part of the whole rather than an individual being. Taking you out of the boundary of Earth helps you release your fear and gives you the opportunity to look at yourself from above, bearing a better understanding of the Universe. It is the only way to understand and able to live satisfactorily. 

In the life of an Earthling fear is the only enemy. It is the fear of the unknown. By understanding the interrelation of energies would bring you near to happy existence.

According to

AKIA philosophy®

everything and everybody is energy. Energy in the sense of physics. These energies are either organic – meaning living – or non organic – meaning not capable of multiplying or any other form of reproduction. These energies have every feature of the energy known from physics. They have speed, frequency, sound, smell, taste, consistency, colour and polarity. Very obviously these energies are interrelated.  This interrelation is the motion of life.

The spirituality of mankind started to vanish when the word ‘individuality’ appeared in our life. By ignoring the interrelation of energies we were faced with a mass of new and frustratingly unsolvable questions that made our lives very insecure and doubtful. The mad search for understanding and knowing was launched. According to AKIA one cannot and need not understand everything. That is the profound understanding of this philosophy.

Through the milestones, AKIA proves, that one is the whole and whole is the one, meaning that everything leads back to one source, the God source, the Creator. The Creator – let it be a stone, a cloud or a tree – is the first knowledge that was able to multiply by division. Following this sense, a soul is a knowledge that is able to multiply by division.

AKIA says that one can only understand oneself through the Universe. Also says that everything is always in motion and constant changing. This interrelation of energies warns us that we are responsible not only for ourselves, but everybody and everything for everybody and everything affect us, our state of mind, way of thinking, our health and behaviour pattern.

In teachings we go through the stages gnosis being remembered from Toreos – nowadays we call it Atlantis – to the Carpathian basin.

AKIA has been created and founded by Zsa Zsa Tudos teacher, healer, international clairvoyant and author.

AKIA Philosophy® is the registered trademark of the our teachings.  

Spiritual Awareness on Earth in the Beginning

is the Gnosis of Earthlings.

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Live in the present!

© Zsa Zsa Tudos

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