Reading with a difference

Reading with a difference


It is an established fact that our lives are influenced by forces we cannot see in physical realm. Readings usually focus on your material existence: the body, wealth and career achievements. Many earthlings spend a lot of money on coachings, courses, seminars and webinars in the hope that once and for all they will be injected by the success serum and will have it all! Money making machinery would work on autopilot and the only worry will be associated with spending the product.

Look around yourself! Out of the millions, how many actually make it? Did you ask the question why is it? Because people are not robots and everbody is an individual. We have different understanding of the world around us and most of it we cannot even see!

Opportunities, romance and career moves are coming and going, but we either not ready for them, because we do not have the experience, or cannot see them due to internal and physical obstacles. 

It is a big mistake to separate life into 3 commonly recognized aspects, such as phisical, mental and emotional. They exist in interrelation. You cannot be physically fit if you have emotional issues, and you cannot be emotionally sound if your thoughts restrict you.  

Reading with a difference

is devoted to shed light on your life. All our readers are life coaches, accomplished AKIA masters with an outstanding ability to see unsolved past issues, nearby opportunities or obstacles in the present and favourable times in the future. They are able to tell your life task, the contracts you have signed prior to coming down here, your soul relations within the family, the core of your fear and insecurity, soul mates and twin flames. They are ready to guide you to the best choices possible, take the experiences you need and the joy you deserve.

Reading with a difference

is here when decision making is difficult!

Every day we are presented with new choices and the decision that shapes the future. Human beings are very reluctant to choose. The reason behind it is fear. Since the future doesn’t really show itself the outcome of the choices are hidden. We, here at AKIA Light would give you all the possibilities and the foreseeable outcome of your actions. Would also be happy to guide you towards the best path to take under the circumstances you have created, or if it is not to your liking, we would show you how to set up a new one.

Reading with a difference

helps find yourself!

In earthly existence we have the opportunity to release the experiences collected during previous lives we carry in our sub-conscious. Within the mind, engagements and contracts are stored that had been agreed to  prior to descend. We are periodically reminded of these commitments, coming to us as dreams or ideas at the appropriate time, but one only pays attention to such things if one understands the importance of the happening.

We can help you access this knowledge within, in order to find your real self under the layers of family, social background, education and mass media.

Reading with a difference

gives you direction when in need!

With the fast changes around us it becomes increasingly difficult to see where we are in life. Here at AKIA Light we offer guidance to notice available options and ways to make decisions according to your aims and abilities. Choosing is one of the hardest thing for earthlings, for insecurity sets in as the result of not knowing what is coming. To learn about decision making please read this article. 

Reading with a difference

helps clear your relationships within the family!

The greatest heartache of earthlings come from human attachments. We want them but cannot deal with them. Also we need them because they are the source of emotions desperately wanted to feed the machinery of life. Without emotions life would change into simple existence.

It starts with the family that we choose to come down into, prior to become an earthling. Now that the karma is almost done with, we only need to focus on the path and to transfer the knowledge into everyday living. Read more here.  

Reading with a difference

is expert in romantic relationships!

Romantic relationships present the biggest challenges and the most painful heartaches for earthlings. The key is mutual respect that demands unconditional love and the wish to learn each other rather than expect or change. A relationship demands all the knowledge of the earthling. As coaching is concerned, love affairs are the most difficult. There are the soulmates and twinflame concepts, insecurity and fear as well as sexual difficulties.

We are the greatest expert in romantic relationships. We do not only tell you what is happening but show you the ways to improve and advance them. Give choices and comprehensive advice on behaviour patterns and attitude towards one another. The questions within are very delicate and they need good intuition, clear vision and high knowledge to truly understand them.


AKIA Light is at your service.

© Zsa Zsa Tudos

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