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AKIA-light is devoted to shed light on your life. All our experts are accomplished AKIA masters with an outstanding ability to see the past. present and future. They are able to tell you your life task, the contracts you have signed prior to coming down here. your soul relations within the family, the core of your fear and insecurity, soul mates and twin flames. They are ready to guide you to the best choices possible, take the experiences you need and the joy you deserve.

When LIFE gets difficult, turn to AKIA light!

Every day we are presented with new choices and the decision shapes the future. Human beings are very reluctant to choose. The reason behind it is fear. Since the future doesn’t really show itself the outcome of the choice is hidden. We here, at AKIA light would give all the possibilities and the foreseeable outcome of your actions.

When decision making is difficult  turn to AKIA light!

Here in AKIA Light we organize global events where you can connect to the Fire element of the Macrocosm. Fire represents Knowledge, Clarity and Light. As it solely comes from the Universe we need to be able to bring it into our lives by releasing the spring of light within and use it as a bait to pull in the golden energy. It is the only cleansing and healing substance we have to our disposal.

All Occult teaching, such as Witchcraft, Tarot reading, Seeing and Channelling are happening on this site. However all self-development, healing and initiation courses you will find on 


Relationship related courses and webinars will come to


We wish you a pleasant and knowledgeable time with us.




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