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It is time to set up a serious occult page!

Occult has been considered as the forbidden, dark and dangerous side road by those in power, to keep earthlings away from enlightenment. Just to be clear: enlightenment is to suddenly discover connections between events, and arrive to understand something that was hidden before. Enlightenment is the result of one’s ability to see. Seeing is the complex team work of the senses. The degree of seeing monitored by the images one receives. I put these images into 3 general categories.

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Dressed images

The images what one sees are dressed with certain values and take up shapes that fit into the comfort zone of one’s understanding.

 These are like dreams.

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Created images

These are images one builds with the help of thoughts using their creative power. Sometimes we create them to make existence more bearable or to run away from physical action. They can become very strong and live as existing part of life, like in the case of pathological liars.

They are like fantasies.

However conscious control is needed with these images to keep them out of the so called reality. That is why I urge my students to close meditations with an equal legged cross. Created visions are vital parts of meditation work and tried out helpers in the field of alchemy. Mandalas and matras belong to this category.

When they are not taken care of, they become telesmatic images and form part of the mass consciousness and create the viruses of human mind. These parasites feed on ignorance and almost impossible to kill.  

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Phosphoric images

They are the sign of attainment. They occur when a carefully built telesmatic image draws its energy from the universe and become spiritual and create a physical reality. The energy comes from within, when the inner light beams through the image as it connects with the Fire element of the Macrocosm. It is a state of enlightenment manifesting in a momentary image. 

The physical eye works the same way. The rays of light, that reflects back from the surface of the observed object,  strike the retina in various patterns. This stimulus is passed to the brain where thoughts and understandings form it into a vision.

Occult is the hidden information behind everyday existence and the Knowledge of the Matrix.

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